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If you didn’t spend your childhood wanting to be Troy Bolton, there is something wrong with you.

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ANNIE - Official Trailer (2014)

I.. wanna see this!

"When did this city get so musical?" HA!

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I’ve just surpassed the 1000 follower mark on my Disney themed blog! That’s pretty exciting!


Finished (or as finished as they’re going to get ><) pieces of Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked, one of my favourite books & adaptations, for the Ladies of Literature charity art project which will be coming out next month (organised by the wonderful Arielle!) :D

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Today is the day that Marty McFly goes to the future!

The future is now. 


Today is the day that Marty McFly goes to the future!

The future is now.


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60 Get to know you questionnaire thing

Haven’t done one of these in yonks, and i’m in a mood where I need to believe people care about me, so I’m going to pretend I’m famous and fill this out and you’re all going to fan-man and fan-girl about it, ok?

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Miranda Hart’s ‘What I Call, LIVE Show’ ★★★★★

Performance: Saturday 1st March, one of three performances, first of the ‘extra dates’, second ever performance of the show. 


Well, I booked tickets for this when I was 19. I’m now 21. The tickets for the original ‘only night’ at the Bournemouth International Centre went on sale and sold out within an hour. She subsequently added an extra date (the performance I saw) which sold out in about 15 minutes. By some unexplained miracle, I got tickets for row B - I WAS MERE FEET AWAY FROM MIRANDA HART.


Without doubt, it is one of the most hilarious shows I’ve ever seen in my life. I had a perfect view of Miranda and all her little gestures and facial expressions, (although for those at the back, there was a big screen that enlarged her every move, which I ended up on at one point - claim to fame!) and there was even a camera off to stage right so she could do her signature ‘camera turns’ to utter her thoughts.

She made a very grand entrance - first announcing over the loud speaker that a “very talented, utterly sexy and beyond famous television personality” would be the host for the evening. “Yes, that’s right, it’s ME!”  She appeared on stage to thunderous applause, and galloped into position. Within mere minutes she had the audience erupting into uncontrollable laughter, and emphasised the “cocoon of trust” within the audience, allowing her to share her most embarrassing moments with us, from a flatulent first date, to a mishap with a 5 year old girl and a 41 year old dwarf. She stated she was also “with Buffet”, before a buffet table and single balloon rose proudly from the floor - those of us in the front two rows were lucky enough to partake! Although, she did chuck out a bag of Doritos to the audience and say “take one pass it on”……there were four thousand people to share the bag!

Audience participation was aplenty, with a sing a long to “I Will Survive”, a dance session to a song from “her youth”, and we even created a “posh party” whereby the people at the back mumbled “yup yup, yup yup  yup”, people at the sides mumbled “hmmmmm. mmm. yes. mmm.” and us lucky lot at the front got to do the posh mumble - well known from her sit com. Some lucky (?) front row audience members got persuaded to do solos that included a link to a wooden-leg related story she’d told, and a woman shouting “anyone for sherry?” It was all very exciting.

After accidentally coming on to a 14 year old in the front row (“in her defense he looked a lot older!”) and just before the interval, along with many many other audience interactions, Miranda asked for single boys and girls. Two were chosen and were coaxed onto the stage - they were both 16, bless them. She then proceeded to set them up on an ‘interval date’. She made the poor souls hold hands, and gallop off into the wings for the duration of the interval. At the top of act two, they came back out, and a slide show of romantic images that were taken of them on their ‘date’ were shown, which included roses, and Miranda playing the violin! If they thought they were humiliated enough, they were wrong - they were asked to rate each other out of ten, and then kiss in front of a four-thousand-strong audience. It was utterly terrific - for us anyway! Just make sure you know what you’re in for if you’re visiting another stop on the tour! I VERY NEARLY volunteered as a single man, and almost certainly would have been picked, being in row B….IM SO GLAD I DIDNT!

The finale (that came around all too quickly) was incredible. There was a video montage of Miranda doing some of her ‘resolutions to awkward situations’ that she’d talked about during the show, and it turned out that Miranda was doing a costume change whilst that was playing. Linking to an earlier reference in the show, she appeared for the bows in full Beyonce outfit - gold top, mini-skirt and gold trainers, with huge great whooshes of on-stage fireworks (X Factor Style) whilst thousands of pieces of gold and white confetti rained down on the audience. It was a truly spectacular moment. The audience gave a standing ovation within seconds. It was truly incredible, and a moment I will never forget.

(Not my pic)

One thing I will say though, is take a LOT of money if you are intending on buying any of the merchandise. Pens £4, Posters £5, Programmes £10, Onesies £50…… is all very cool stuff, but very pricey! They also had other things on sale like tote bags, hoodies and Miranda’s book “is it just me?”. I bought a programme and a poster, and although pricey, the programmes are very good quality, with activities in them, interviews with Miranda, ‘The Peggy Diaries’ (her dog!) and lots of photos from Miranda’s childhood, among other things, so it’s more of a miniature book than a programme.

The show was absolutely incredible, especially for such a huge Miranda fan like me, and was well worth the almost-two-year wait. It has all Miranda’s well known trraits, includes some bits from her book and sit-com, and brand new material too, and of course, it’s stand-up so something different happens every night, making each show unique. I would say definitely definitely go, but I think most of the tour destinations are sold out - Bournemouth was sold out on the day of release back in 2012! Fear not, the show is coming out on DVD, and I will most definitely be adding it to my collection!

Hilarious, relatable and side splitting with something for all ages. DEFINITELY not one to be missed. Such fun!

Rachel Tucker as Elphaba

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I LOVE this picture!

I LOVE this picture!


Envisioning disney characters in real life by Jirka Väätäinen

*Please do not remove credit or caption so the artist can be credited!

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